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Dried Sliced Shitake Mushrooms
Dried Sliced Shitake Mushrooms
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Product Description

These mushrooms are very popular in oriental cooking for their taste and health benefits. These mushrooms are grown on 100% Natural Oak then harvested, sliced and Naturally Air Dried with no chemicals or pesticides used in the growing or drying process. The Asian people have been growing mushrooms for hundreds of years for their medicinal value as well as taste and texture. We import these mushrooms from a small family farm in Asia as they are committed to supplying a First Quality Natural Dried Mushroom.

Very economical, Dried Shiitake are less than half the price of fresh Shiitake with twice the flavor. These mushrooms will keep for a long time in your freezer so keep some on hand.

Use Shiitake Mushrooms in stir-fries, soups, rice dishes, or any dish you want with Shiitake flavor. Simply soak them in hot tap water for 10 min. or so, rinse, blot, slice if appropriate, and add to your dish.

These mushrooms are considered to be MEDIUM STRONG on the Mushroom Flavor Scale.

1/2oz Bag Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms.
1/2oz Dried Sliced Shiitake SlShiiPk
1/4 Lb. Bag Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms
4oz. Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms 4ozSLShii
One Lb Bag Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms. "Buy in Bulk and Save"!!!
16oz Dried Sliced Shiitake 16ozSLShii
8oz Bag Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms
8oz Dried Sliced Shiitake Mushrooms 8ozSlShiiPk
8oz Sliced Shiitake Canister
These are the same Grade A Shiitake mushrooms we have always sold, only now they are available in a re-sealable Canister. They re-hydrate very quickly and have the flavor and texture of fresh Shiitake at a bargin price.
8oz Sliced Shiitake Canister 8ozCanSLShii
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