Mushroom Sampler Basket

Mushroom Sampler Basket
Item# musaba

Product Description

This is a terrific gift for the mushroom lover. There are 12 different 1oz. bags of dried mushrooms in this sampler basket. PLUS A BONUS! 4oz. bag of dried “Porcini Pieces”. WOW!! That’s one pound of dried mushrooms!!

Included: 1oz.Black Trumpet; 1oz.Porcini; 1oz.Meadow; 1oz.Chanterelle; 1oz.Golden Oyster; 1oz. Portobello; 1.5oz.Wood Ear; 1oz.Paddy Straw; 1oz. Sliced Shiitake; 1oz.Eryngii; 1oz.Wild Mix; 1oz.Mix Kinoko and a 4oz.bag of Porcini Pieces. All wrapped in a beautiful basket with ribbon.

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Double the Mushroioms, Not the Price. This is the same as the Sampler Basket above, only Double the Mushrooms. 12- 2oz.bags plus 8oz. of Porcini Pieces.