If you like cooking with dried mushrooms than you will love these mushroom powders. The Porcini powder is imported from Italy and bottled here at the farm. It is a Pure Extra Fine powder that blends very well into your cooking. The Shiitake powder and White Button mushroom powder is made right here at the farm. We import Premium Grade dried mushrooms from here in the USA or import them from China and run them through our inspection process first then through our Hammer mill. I use a medium fine screen because it makes a powder that has tiny pieces of mushroom as well as fine powder. This White Button mushroom powder (Agaricus Bisporus) is also used Medicinally to treat certain types of Cancer. When you sprinkle it on a salad you can see as well taste the mushrooms. I use it in gravies and sauces and I am always amazed at the difference it makes. Try a sprinkle on scrambled eggs or on an omelet and see for yourself how easy it is to be a gourmet cook!!!