Oriental Mushroom Basket

Oriental Mushroom Basket
Oriental Mushroom Basket
Item# ormuba

Product Description

This is a great basket with Seven 4oz(1-3/4lbs total) bags of my favorite Oriental Mushrooms. Use them in stir-fries,soups,stews,or in your favorite oriental dish.

Included: 4oz Mix Kinoko; 4oz Eryngii; 4oz Golden Oyster; 4oz Shredded Wood Ear; 4oz Whole Shiitake; 4oz Sliced Shiitake and 4oz Paddy Straw.

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Look below for the Super Oriental Basket!


Double the Mushroioms not the price. This is the same as the Oriental Basket only Double the Mushrooms. All bags are 8oz. (!/2lb.) Total of 3-1/2lbs of Dried Mushrooms!