Beautiful Truffles (Tuber Indicum)

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I have found some great deals on Truffles. I have an .88oz jar of Black Truffle Peelings and a .45oz jar of Whole Black Winter Truffles. They have a wonderful aroma and are priced very reasonable. Sorry I do not carry the 7oz can at this time. Click on any picture for a closer look.

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.88oz  Black Truffle Peelings
This is a great small jar of Black Truffle Peelings. Peelings are not the peel like an Apple or Pear, They are the truffle itself sliced or "Peeled" very thin. These are First Quality and you will be very happy with their flavor. If you have any recipes you would like to share, I will post them on the Recipe Page of this Web Site for everyone to try.
.88oz Black Truffle Peelings SmlBlkTruffPeel
.45oz Whole Black Winter Truffles
This is a nice size jar of Whole Black Winter Truffles. There are from 3 to 4 whole truffles in each jar. Their flavor is very strong, so they go a long way, and unbelivable in a truffle sauce. You will be very happy with the quality of this product and any other truffles I offer.
.45oz Whole Black Winter Truffles 4whblwitr